Elizer Vilodarsski, Israel
"That's what I build with your belts."
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Crow Enterprizes is proud to sponsor Axel Alverez & Dilemma
I wanted to say thank you for the support you guys have given me. Although I hope I never have to rely on your products for my safety, I am thankful for them. Below are the majority of the events I participated in last year. It was a busy year. Between airshows, racing, blogs, magazine articles/ads and videos your product has been viewed over a half a million times. I hope you enjoy this video I made. Please feel free to use it as a promotional tool. www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4oEK1Oe-AY

-Nellis Air Force Base airshow (5 days)
-Oshkosh Airshow (7 days)
-Calgary Canada Airshow (10 days)
-Camarillo Airshow (4 days)
-China Lake Naval Base Airshow (4 days)
-5 small town airshows (5 days)
-Reno Air Races (10 days)
-Our plane is on the Van’s calendar twice this year
(July as part of 35 aircraft formation and Sept).
-The plane and I are on a 6-page article on Kitplane magazine (March 2016)
-Your ad is on Kitplane magazine.
-Blog has approximately 250,000 views now
(approx. 50,000 view gained in a year).
-Youtube channel has approx. 190,000 views.

Most importantly, I have been able to follow my dreams and transfer the burning amber of aviation to many young kids. Thank you for the opportunity to represent your products. In case you are wondering what is next in our plan, please see attached picture. We hope to enter into Formula One Air Racing. We are in the process of building another plane. Her name is “Another Dilemma.”

Thank you again,

Axel and Team Dilemma

Check out Kit Planes March 2018 issue for updates on Another Dilemma.

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