Customer Testimonials

Thank you very much. Your customer service and products are awesome. - Brant Tirello, Tirello Custom Fab, Utah - November 2023.

You have a new customer for life!!!! Your customer service is outstanding!!! It’s too bad more companies don’t understand that. Thank you again!!! - Joey from Livermore, California - March 2022.

Got your belts, love them! Strapping in with the Simpson's you need a second person to help on a pit stop. Installed my Crow's LeMons Restraints today, watch my video, never did any practice with them, driver can do it all by themselves. What a time saver over my Simpson's!!! Also a big time saver on a driver change, just pull the blue rip cords and ready for the next driver. I will post something later on it. Thank you and your decals are on the car. - Bob Mann - Dr. Volks - Pembroke, Massachusetts - May 2019

Thanks for the very quick turn around on my harness. You guys really are the best! I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that we racers do appreciate all you do as well as keeping our costs down. This will be the fourth set of Crow harnesses I have used and it will not be the last! - John Allen - Tacoma, Washington - May 2019

Thank you for my Crow harnesses!!! They came in today and I must say WOW. The quality, from functionality to style to design, all PRISTINE. I had Takatas before and wow these blow them out of the water. Glad I made the change to CROW ENTERPRIZES and joined the team!! Thanks to DeEtte Crow for assisting me over the phone with my order, will recommend these to all my friends. Thanks again. Nick S. - Strathroy, Ontario, Canada - March 2018

Just wanted to pass along a quick thanks on the awesome product your company makes. When I first started racing back in 2001 I purchased a set of Crow belts because that’s what the local speed shop had at the time. Over the years, and like an idiot, I tried some other companies and complained the entire time. I finally got smart and went back to you. It’s crazy to think something as simple as a 1/2 inch hole, so hardware actually fits, is such a hard thing to do. The hardware and small lanyard/tethers/whatever you want to call them on the lap and shoulder belts are such a great help on using the belts. Plus your material is not as stiff as a board like some other companies. Enough rambling. Just wanted to say thank you for such a great product. As long as my wife and myself are racing there will be Crow belts in the seat. Thanks again! - Jesse Wilson - RPM Transmissions - Andersen, Indiana - January 2018
You folks are the best business I’ve dealt with in a long time. Thanks for top shelf service - Bad ass!!!! I deal with a lot of folks in my professional career.  And in short, the business world has been changing for the worst....not you folks tho.  - Bob - Flagstaff, AZ - October 2017
My order arrived today, wow! Nice stuff! Thank you! It's a pleasure doing business with a company that makes excellent products and has great customer service. Unfortunately, that's pretty rare these days. - Art, Granite Bay, CA - February 2017
Thank you for the quick turn around on re cert on seat belts, and the young lady that called for my card info, you people are awesome. - Lyle Erfle - Canada - January 2017
Just wanted to say "thank you" for getting me my harnesses so quickly. I have used your harness system in my '04 Z06 with a Brey Krauss bar since day one, and am looking forward to the new restraints in my '17 Grand Sport. The new upgraded cam lock looks amazing. Nice job.

Once again, I appreciate Fred getting on the phone himself and walking me through everything I need. I tell everyone Crow should be their source for all their racing needs. Thanks so much for all the high quality and extreme value....and keeping me safe! - Rob Callery - Vero Beach, FL - January 2017

I just received my fire suit that I ordered just three days ago, and let me tell you that I am simply amazed with the quick delivery and the amazing craftsmanship of your product.

I am returning to drag racing after better than fifteen years of being out of the scene. I raced all through the 90’s and had to give it up due to raising two girls on my own, so now they are grown and I bought a Pro Mod and discovered there are far more rules and cost associated with the sport than I could have imagined. So, I shopped around for the best deal and saw your products and I must admit that I was very skeptical of the pricing. But if it's certified it's certified, and discovered that it is by far a better product compared to bigger and more published brands.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked for a company who was owned by the brother of a world famous drag racer, and we sponsored Pro Stock teams and the multi-time number one Pro Mod driver. So I’ve seen the quality of all the competitive brands of equipment that is out there and the stuff they had was better than they typically offer the public, and your product is far superior than anything that I’ve seen hanging in their race trailer.

Now that I have mine I must tell you that you are not charging enough for your product, in my opinion you have left some money on the table. 

Thank you for being honest and a friend to the racing industry. - James - Gastonia, NC - October 2016 a world where most companies could care less about your survival, let alone customer service, you guys sure are a breath of fresh air. Thanks again to you, your wife and staff. It is a pleasure doing business with you, and I'm glad to count you guys as friends! - Mark Pettersen, Pettersen Racing, Chico, California - July 2015
What an improvement!
Great product, great craftsmanship, great look, easy installation...MADE IN THE USA!!
Enough said. - Michael H. Locke - Independence, KY - June 2014
Hey guys I just bought some of your stuff! And all I can say is great things! Amazing quality, I will definitely be a returning customer. - Spencer Schell - St. Albert, Alberta, Canada - April 2014
I just wanted to let you know that the process of working with you was very quick and easy. I received the product and they are beautiful, very, very well made. after I placed my order I got an email from you guys asking me to give you a call, during this call I spoke with some one (I didn't catch the name sorry) that was very helpful and pointed me in the right direction about clip on lap belts. I just wanted to thank you for your exceptional customer service, fast shipping and great, high-quality product. I can honestly say I will be a customer for life, and I will send anyone that is in need of safety equipment straight to you guys! Thanks!!! - Gage Castro - Las Vegas, Nevada - October 2013
I recently ordered 2 harnesses for a Can-Am Maverick via the phone. What I was looking for was not something that you have listed on your website. After explaining what I was looking for, your sales rep assured me that he knew what I was needing. Two days later I received my order EXACTLY as I was wanting. I just wanted to say thanks for the superior products and customer service. This was my second order from Crow and I am sure it will not be my last. - Tom Dietel - Phoenix, Arizona - May 2013
Crow's level of customer service is absolutely outstanding! I called to inquire about exchanging a neck collar and the gentleman said just ship mine back and he would send me a new one. No paperwork, no charges. Just an old fashion gentlemen's agreement. I received Crow decals for my race car and was so impressed by Crow's friendly service that I put one on my 2011 Shelby GT350. Thank You - Tom Clark - March 2013
Fred Crow, thank you for the service that I recieved with my order and the way it was handled...will pass on the great service with your company! - Don's Body Shop - Don Sottoway - Urbana, Ohio - November 2012
I just want you guys to know that your belts are awesome. I get compliments on them all the time. If you haven't checked the latest edition of Chevy High Performance, [December 2012] they used a shot of your belts in there. - Bryan Goff - October 2012
Got my harnesses today and man do they look AWESOME!!!! Thank you for your great product and great customer service. Time to show them off and talk all my friends into some Crow Harnesses. - Jordan Steele (Happy Customer) - Price, Utah - February 2012
Thank you for the harness. I was previously using Simpson, but costs and recert issues have made it hard to justify every 2 years (SFI 16.1). After talking with a few other drag racers, your company came recommended. I just finished the install, I am very pleased with the quality and cost of the harness. I will definitely recommend your products to others. Again, thank you! - Brad Albert - February 2011
Hi.  Thank you. Now this is excellent. That's what I build with your belts. - Elizer Vilodarsski - Israel - July 2011
I want to thank you for the excellent workmanship and very prompt turnaround time on my recent belt re-certification. I'll spread the word. - Brian Ferrin - Sonoma, California - April 2010
I got my belts today they  fit perfectly and were a great price. Thanks for all your help on the custom order. - Guilherme Casimiro - Westampton, New Jersey - February 2010
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your prompt shipment of the pieces I called to order yesterday. That they arrived today is a testament to your understanding of the racing world and the speed at which things must progress to get everything done on time.
We are racing in King of the Hammers this year and are proud to be using Crow Harnesses in our KOH Buggy.

Again, thank you for the great service! - Kristen Carter - GenRight Off Road - Simi Valley, California - January 2010

I just had the pleasure of doing business AGAIN with your company. We made a mistake. We ordered the belts too short. Our fault. I returned the belts today and explained the situation. I figured a week or two before I could come back and get replacements. The person said no problem, we can have them for you in a half hour. I was SHOCKED! OK, I'll go get lunch and return. I figured I'll still have to wait a half hour or so when I get there and my credit card was handy for the new charges. Not only were the new belts waiting for me, but there was no additional costs! These belts are FANTASTIC!

I know a number of drag racers that use your products and are also happy customers. Some were even pictured on your wall, but I never expected this level of service from you.
I am almost speechless (which is saying a lot for me) about how happy I am to do business with you.
Thank you so very much. I will spread the word! - Bob Beck - - Mesa, Arizona - November 2009

I visited your location in Anaheim this past week and met with your employee named Abel, who assisted me with the selection of new safety belts (6 point harness system) for my Porsche 911. His knowledge and care at representing your company urged me to send this note expressing my appreciation for his assistance.

I installed the belts today and I'm very pleased with the finished product. I will be back to your location in the near future to purchase more safety items for my racing program. With employees like Abel, your company will continue to flourish and be successful. Please pass on my appreciation to him because he was the face of your company and really made the experience a pleasure. - Sam DaCosta - Porsche Club of America Member - Santa Ana, California - August 2009
Today I received the belts. The lengths are perfect and I'm really pleased with the quality of the product! I will recommend your company to anybody and put the stickers on the side windows with pride! Most of all I must thank you for the great communication! If I ever need another set of restraints I won't hesitate and contact you right away. - Gideon Hornman - Hoensbroek, The Netherlands - March 2009
I just wanted you to know I received my re-cert belts back a couple days ago and am very impressed with the work. I originally bought the Simpson belts because of the name and price. I now believe Crow has a superior product.
I live in Alaska and race at an IHRA sanctioned track in Palmer, Alaska, called Alaska Raceway Park. I compete in the Mod ET class and run my 1987 Camaro at 10.70's and 10.80's. In this class there are 20-30 participants. As with other tracks we have several other classes as well. I must admit, I have never seen your product at our track or any of the NHRA events that I go to. I knew nothing about Crow Enterprizes until stumbling across your company on the web.
I will be spreading the word about your company and how easy it was to do business with you as well as the quality of workmanship that I received. If you would ever consider partial sponsorship I would be more then happy to carry the Crow Enterprizes flag. 
Thank you and your employees for the courteous and prompt correspondence and obviously the quality of workmanship that you demand. I'm serious about the quality I have witnessed within your company both in workmanship and the constant communication. It would seem that Crow Enterprizes has a "culture" of quality and it shows. - JJ Jackinsky - Semi Serious Racing - Alaska - January 2009  
On October 13, 2007 I was involved in a accident at a USAC Focus Midget race at Lucas Oil Speedway in Blythe, California. The car went pretty much head on into the concrete barrier wall in turn 4 at full throttle. I was later told by Tommy Hunt (USAC Vice President) and Keith Iaia (SCREAM - engine supplier to the Focus series) that their first reaction was that they had just witnessed a fatality.

The car was new, the crash being it's 5th outing. As you will see from the photo sequence, there was very little left of the car. The impact was violent enough that it even tore the engine from the motor plate and front mounts. In my 30+ years in various forms of motorsports and 12 years as a fighter pilot, it was the hardest impact I've ever experienced. I was examined on the spot and then taken to Lake Havasu where I was informed that I had extensive leg injuries, fractures of the pelvis, ribs and collarbone, and a mild concussion.

That I not only survived the impact but have also been able to return to racing and win again, I attribute to 3 things: 1) Wearing a high quality helmet, 2) Wearing a HANS device and 3) The Crow belts which functioned exactly as they were designed. I am appreciative of your quality product and the high-quality workmanship. The shoulder belts stretched around the hardware and dug in leaving very visible marks on the belts. It makes for an interesting conversation piece. In the past I always used a different brand of belt. In 2007, USAC mandated that a HANS or similar device be used in ALL series. Yours were the first belts I saw that were designed to work with the HANS so I purchased a set. Given the way they performed when it really counted, you now have a customer for life. - Bob Brewer - Salt Lake City, Utah - October 2008

Good day. I'm writing to thank you for your help with my purchase. This was the first time that I bought a product from Crow, and me believe it will not be the last. I received the package without any misadventure. - Luis Fernando Gonzalez Ortiz - Mexico - September 2008.
Dear "Crow Folks",
I just installed my new seat belts (11504), both driver and passenger sides...Great product, great service and easy install. What more could a "car guy" ask for. Thanks. - Joel Nussbaum - September 2008
Just a note to say thank you for the safety gear you sent to me in Australia. I have never liked the idea of sending my details overseas on the net. But your company promptly sent the exact order. Unheard of really. Well done and thank you. - Darren Mitchell - Rosebud, Australia - August 2008
The quailty of your products and your outstanding customer service as well as your quick response is a tribute to your company and speaks volumes for you sir. In the future you have all my buisness and I look forward to purchasing again from you and your company. Thank you again for your quick response and in the handeling of this matter. It is nice to finally deal with a company that puts customers first and a company that makes sure its customers are happy. I would recommend your company to anyone who needs any kind of safety equipment.
Again thank you for your quick response and for taking care of my matter in a quick professional manner. - Mike Collins - SCCA/CSCC Fire Safety Team cal-club region - July 2008
Just want to write a short note to thank you for the excellent service for the new/re-certified seat belts for my 1964 VW Karmann Ghia Coupe, #70. They are beautiful and are installed. Thanks again for your great service. - Gert Ghelhaar - VWRacer #70 - May 2008
Hi! The suit arrived today safe and well. The fit is PERFECT. I will place another order next week. Appreciate the friendly and prompt service. Regards - Gray Chandler - May 2008
I just recently ordered a fire suit and a new set of belts for my race car. I was more than pleased when they arrived today and was not the least bit disappointed in the quality of the parts, and the service I recieved as a customer from your company. Thank you very much for such great service and you now have another loyal customer. Once again thank you very much and it will be a pleasure in doing business with your company in the future. I will highly recommend your company to any other racers I race with. - Rob Bliven - Sahuarita, Arizona - April 2008
I would like to extend my appreciation to you for taking care of me. What great service!!! And that's what it's all about. I'm new to racing, have a 360 limited sprint and will be participating at our local track this season.

I will highly recommend to other racers at our local track to patron your business. Thank you very much. - Mike & Trina Post - - April 2008

Fred, you guys rule. I'm gonna recommend Crow to my car forums...great customer service even on a little 20 dollar order! - Michael Richard - Goshen, Kentucky - April 2008
I would like to start off by saying how great your five point harness is. On March 1, 2008 I was in Glamis with my Tatum sandrail and two of my three children. On our second ride of the day we launched off a sharp razor and were airborne for what seemed like forever. The car came down on its front right wheel, shearing it off at the heim joints; the car corkscrewed and flipped three  times. We were able to walk away from this with nothing more than shaken nerves and a couple of bruises. Wearing your belts, and helmets saved all of us from any major trauma. The car will be repaired and we will be out again. I would like to know if I could have a couple of Crow Enterprises trailer stickers for our sandrail trailer, it would be my pleasure to promote your product on my trailer. - Robert Savage - Fullerton, California - March 2008
Just got my belts last night and they look great. Your customer service and quick shipping is a breath of fresh air when ordering sandrail parts. Ordered on Tuesday and in Kansas by Monday!! Wow. These days it's a crap shoot if you can even get answers out of people. Your product will be highly recommended by me. - Mike Harkins - E4B Liaison Engineering - March 2008
"I just want to let you know that my husband and I ordered 5-way harnesses and had a problem with the seat belt part of the harness being too small for him and without question two days later we had the larger seat belt for his harness. Your customer service is excellent and the gentleman on the phone knew exactly what I needed.
We will recommend this harness to everyone and already my son and a few other Rhino Riders have ordered Crow Harnesses. The orginal harnesses ordered came in record-breaking time and in time for our trip to Dumont Dunes last week. 
It is a great pleasure to do business with a professional company such as yourself. Please let everyone know at Crow that their Great Customer Service is much appreciated. Thank you so much!!! - Robert and Camille Seitz - Henderson, Nevada - February 2008
"I would like to take a moment to thank you for making my custom belts and shipping them out so quickly. It is not everyday that things go this smoothly; you did exactly as I asked with the belts and the the transaction was almost effortless. I will gladly put Crow Belts and other race products in every car I have from here on out. I really appreciate everything you have done for me and the price was great as well. Your quality is top shelf and the belts look awesome. Thanks again for all that you have done, I really appreciate it. If you could please send me some Crow stickers I will gladly put them on my car–you have been wonderful. Thank You!!!" - Ron Smithley - - February 2008
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