Re-Certification Program

Please note: The process of re-certifying is replacing all your webbing and reusing your existing hardware. Your belts must meet ALL of these criteria:

1. We can ONLY re-certify Crow brand driver restraints!

2. Your hardware must be in excellent condition.

3. Your SFI tag cannot be older than 2018.

Do not send in your restraints if your hardware is not in EXCELLENT condition.
   We cannot accept rusty, damaged, or aged hardware. Your SFI tag cannot be older than 2018.
   NOTE: These restraints cannot be re-certified and will be returned to you at your expense.
Send in ALL your hardware with your restraints.
   You cannot switch out your hardware for another style, i.e. silver to black hardware, kam lock, ratchet, etc.
Hardware does have a life expectance.
   Upon inspection your hardware may indicate this is the last time these restraints can be re-certified.
   A label will be sewn on the restraint indicting that this is the LAST time this hardware can be re-certified;
   it will also be noted on your invoice.
Turn-around time is 3-weeks.

Re-Certification Program Cost:

3" Latch & Link: $62
2" Latch & Link: $58
3" Kam Lock: $77
2" Junior Kam Lock: $64.50
Ratchet Belts: $80
Formula Belts: $90
Restraints with existing latch & link type sternum protector add $12.
Replace existing 6-Way Sub Belts $4.
Add New 6-Way Sub Belt $20.
Drag racing restraints covered with flame-retardant material: $100.
Replace your harness pads or add harness pads add $33.
Add or replace 3" to 2" harness (for head and neck device) $16.

How to Re-Certify:

Download the fill-in pdf form
Print 2 copies, one to send to us and one for your records.
Box up your old restraints with the form and send them to:

Crow Safety Gear
Attention: Re-Certification Department
4114 N. Pecos Road, Suite 101
North Las Vegas, NV 89115


Re-certification, NV sales taxes, if applicable, plus shipping costs will be charged.
Your credit card will be billed at the time of shipping.
An invoice with the tracking number will be sent to you via email on ship day.


CROW SAFETY GEAR | 4114 N. PECOS ROAD, SUITE 101 | NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV 89115 | 725.726.7432