RV Aircraft Restraints

All Standard Airplane restraints come with silver (steel)
adjusters on the harness and lap belt, with RED pull tabs.
Lap belts pull-up to adjust, harnesses pull down to adjust.
They come ready to install.

Webbing colors: Red, Blue, Black, and Gray.
Padding colors: Red, Blue, Black, and Gray.
NOTE:  Harnesses come with the same color pad as the webbing. 
You may choose non-matching colors that compliment your installation
but these will not be returnable.

Options available for all restraint systems:
• Black Mounting hardware with Black Steel Adjusters
• Up-graded Aluminum Harness Adjusters
• Kam lock LUG adjusters (lap belt adjusters built into the Lug that snaps into the Kam lock).
• Pads can be added to any restraint.
(If choosing a contrasting pad color from the webbing, they will not be returnable.)
• Custom lengths available.


Crow Aircraft Restraints can be built to your specifications.
Call and ask for the Aviation Department or download the Custom Seat Belt Order Form below.

*Custom Seat Belt Order Form and worksheet*
(Downloadable fill-in pdf)

Standard Latch & Link
Pro-Formula Kam Lock
R50004 with Pads, RV6-7-9-14
R50002, RV6-7-9-14
Pro-Formula Kam Lock with 2" Lap Adjusters.
R50016 with Pads, RV4-8
R50024, RV10

This OPTIONAL adjuster changes the lap belt from the traditional PULL-UP adjustment to a PULL-DOWN adjustment.
R50004 with Pads, RV6
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