RV Aircraft Restraints

All Standard Airplane restraints come with silver (steel)
adjusters on the harness and lap belt, with RED pull tabs.
Lap belts pull-up to adjust, harnesses pull down to adjust.
They come ready to install.

Webbing colors: Red, Blue, Black, and Gray.
Padding colors: Red, Blue, Black, and Gray.
NOTE:  Harnesses come with the same color pad as the webbing. 
You may choose non-matching colors that compliment your installation
but these will not be returnable.

Options available for all restraint systems:
• Black Mounting hardware with Black Steel Adjusters
• Up-graded Aluminum Harness Adjusters
• Kam lock LUG adjusters (lap belt adjusters built into the Lug that snaps into the Kam lock).
• Pads can be added to any restraint.
(If choosing a contrasting pad color from the webbing, they will not be returnable.)
• Custom lengths available.

2" Aluminum Adjusters
Crow Aircraft Restraints can be built to your specifications. Call and ask for the Aviation Department or download the Custom Seat Belt Order Form below.
(Downloadable fill-in pdf)
Standard Latch & Link
R40004P, RV6-7-9-14
R40002, RV6-7-9-14
Standard Pro-Formula Kam Lock
R41061P, RV4-8
R40024, RV10
Standard Pro-Formula Kam Lock
with 2" Lap Adjusters.
This OPTIONAL adjuster changes the lap belt from the traditional PULL-UP adjustment to a PULL-DOWN adjustment.
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