Fred Crow, President
2006 NHRA Lifetime Achievement Honoree
1961-1963: ‘55 Chevy E-Gas
Won 1963 IHRA Winter Nationals and set new national record for E-Gas.
Raced at Lions, Colton, San Gabriel, Fontana, Madera, Phoenix & Pomona.
1964-1965: ‘48 Anglia A-Gas.
Raced at Lions, Phoenix & Pomona.
1967: Fred, Dennis McCarrell
(driver) and Rod McCarrell

Set New B-Fuel ET Record 7:95.
Set AHRA ET Record 7:63.
1965: Won NHRA Winter Nationals.
1966-1968: Worked for Mickey Thompson selling speed parts.
1967: Jr. Fuel
Allison & Crow.
Everything was GREAT with this car.
First Jr. Fueler to run 7:85.
Raced at Lions, Bakersfield & Carlsbad.
1966: Jr. Fuel
Crow & Fedak, Driver Fedak.
Set new 1320 Speed Record of 187 mph at San Fernando.
Raced at Lions, Irwindale, San Gabriel & San Fernando.
Won Jr. Fuel at Lions 5 weeks in a row.
1968: Jr. Fuel
Allison, McCarrell & Crow won 1968 AIHRA Winter Nationals. Set AHRA ET Record 7:79.
Raced at Lions, Bakersfield, Irwindale, Phoenix & Orange County.
1970: Crew Chief on Bob McFarland’s Funny Car.
Won the Big-4 Championship.
Raced at Lions, Bakersfield, Irwindale, Phoenix & Orange County.
1969: Top Gas
McCarrell & Crow
Raced at Lions & Bakersfield.
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